Analysing the present to interpret the future

The final tool to use aerospace technology in agronomic, environmental and industrial applications

Different data sources, a single tool

E-STRATOS platform integrates different data sources and provides a detailed description of the crop situation. Data are filtered and ordered so that the user can interpret them and decide accordingly

A greater precision

Satellite images we offer have a resolution of up to 3 metres, they are weekly processed and stored in the profile of the user’s plot unit. The tool also allows integrating captures obtained by other sources (drones, other satellites…) in the same time line

Updated and verified information

All information offered by the platform is previously filtered through our quality control algorithms to avoid erroneous data interpretations

Visual and multilayer

Information is shown through graphs and maps in an interactive and legible way. We adapt viewing to the needs of each client to make interpretation easier


The platform has been designed to give specific information of any land. Our clients include from farmers or technical advisers to public administrations or companies from the industrial sector. The product is customised in terms of client requirements

Let’s work together

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